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Before Designated Driving Shoes


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Do you ever look at the back of your shoes and wonder why one shoe looks more worn than the other shoe? Is it mainly your right shoe that looks more worn than the left shoe? How did that happen? Well...that's because it's your driving foot shoe. You're constantly moving your foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal and the shoes that you absolutely love don't stand a chance.


After Designated Driving Shoes


I bought a new pair.  You can see the difference. It's like new

You can solve this problem by designating a pair of shoes as your driving shoes, and then changing your shoes once you've reached your destination. What works best for me for short travel is just wearing a flip-flop on my driving foot, and my regular shoe on my left foot. If I'm going long distance, I will wear both flip-flops. If you've made this discovery long ago, kudos to you. A nice lady I met complimented me on my shoes and gave me this tidbit because she noticed the back of my shoes too. I've since passed it on to people I know, and am now sharing it with you. I hope this helps.